Historical Research and Publishing

Despite the proliferation of information on the internet and other immediately available and searchable formats, there is still a large amount of historical information that is not easily accessible to the general public. If this is not preserved and presented appropriately it will be lost forever and along with it the acknowledgement of what those who came before us achieved.

Our aim is not to just present a list of names and dates, but to research and present the story behind these and to convey why things happened and to put them into the context of the time and their relevance to today.

Jeparit and District Sporting Clubs

Our current project is the study of some of the sporting clubs of the Jeparit (northern Wimmera district in western Victoria), but not just the history of the existing clubs, but to uncover the history of the clubs from the small country towns and localities that no longer exist but still contributed in their own way to the life of their communities in their time.

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