Your image can be expressed in many ways. Below are some examples of where we have worked with a business or organisation to design a variety of products to match their image and needs.

Design Projects

Jeparit Cricket Club - Playing Shirt

Wangara Consulting worked with the Jeparit Cricket Club to design their current playing shirt in late 2012.

Jeparit Cricket Club - Casual Shirt

Wangara Consulting compiled a number of designs for a casual shirt for the Jeparit Cricket Club incorporating their redback spider design.

Graphic Design for Web Clients - Silo Graphics

A former client required silo graphics for their website. We started with photographs of their products to create a range of ‘GIF’ images to suit their needs. This series of graphics covered that client’s range of field-bins through to grain silos.

Wangara Consulting Corporate Brand

The previous owners of Wangara Grains, a mixed-grains property in the Wimmera, adopted a diamond as the branding logo for their livestock in the mid-1960s. When Wangara Consulting was founded in the early 2000s this diamond logo was adopted to maintain the history, and has been revised in early 2013 along with a re-image of Wangara Consulting. The diamond brand was modernised along with the production of a corporate image including colour scheme and stationery.

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